December 9, 2010 - Executive

Present: Joe Crookham, Carl Drost, Bob Nielsen, John Pothoven and Sherry Vavra

MCRF Budget

  • Five year project spectrum summarized by Carl, reviewed by all. Discussion followed. Corrections made to dates. Approved. Sherry will revise dates. All board members will receive a copy at annual meeting in January.
  • Fiscal years’ budgets summarized and reviewed: Last year’s actual numbers and this year’s projected numbers included in the report. Discussion followed. Report approved. Suggestion made to remove line items with a zero balance. Sherry will revise. Projected budget will be given to executive board members at annual meeting in January.
  • Loan report was given. As of December 8th (yesterday) the current MCRF final loan payment was made. Balance owed is zero, interest paid was $10, 687.49. Report will be given to executive board at the annual meeting in January.

Upcoming membership and board meetings

  • Agendas for the Membership Meeting and the Executive Board meeting, following the membership meeting, were reviewed. Sherry noted that the financial report included in this years progress report to membership and board will include two previous years for comparison.
  • Election was discussed. There are two candidates whose term ends and both would like to stay on the ballot for re-election. The executive committee approves of all active board members and both will remain on ballot for re-election. Joe asked what was being done to make sure we are soliciting active membership of interested parties. John discussed contacting the county and the school as Lawrence is leaving the county and the school has an inactive representative at this time. Sherry will follow up with Willie from the county and Russ from the school system. An invitation letter for the membership and board meetings will be sent in the next weeks to all members. John asked that we request an RSVP from the board members to insure participation. According to bylaws it is not necessary to advertize for the positions and it was decided that these two: Mark Stek and Bob Morris (current board members) will run for re-election. Their bios will be updated and sent with the invitations to the membership.
  • Sherry gave a growth report for this year’s complex visitors and volunteers. Charts were included and will be given to the board at this year’s annual meeting.


  • Lacey advisory committees were discussed. All Lacey Complex committees are currently active and moving in the right direction. The Youth Fulfillment committee has been actively working on barriers that exist for youth participation in local sports. Transportation was found to be the number one barrier and the committee has launched a pilot program with the YMCA and Transit 15, the regional transit system out of Ottumwa. Sherry discussed some of the issues using the system and Joe for this to be written in a report including need and problems and describing the situation in order for MCRF board to actively assist in the solutions for transportation. Sherry will follow up with the committee. Joe suggested including the current YMCA board President in the reporting.
  • Discussion regarding concession operations for the next season followed. Sherry gave a hand out from Hy-Vee showing profit and loss from last year. The profit was minimal however the service was improved and Hy-Vee has agreed to another year’s service.
  • Skate Park project was discussed. The skate park project is moving along with active members, including Myron Gordin, newly joined, and a board and committees consisting of youth and adults. Joe stated that the fund raisers and efforts of the youth are important and he wants to insure that the youth feel successful in their efforts. The last fund raiser and the active participation from the youth proved a positive impact and Joe reiterated the importance of that collective optimistic moral.
  • Babe Ruth fields project was discussed. The project is almost complete and will be ready for use in the coming Spring Season,. Sherry stated that the facilities development committee was actively involved in every step of the development.
  • The Bussey playground project in which Sherry consulted is complete. Sherry will keep in contact with Bussey in the future with follow ups.
  • CAT grant for the stadium project was discussed. More information was needed and will be submitted to that board tomorrow (December 10th). John discussed that this was mainly a William Penn project and Joe discussed the need for all key players, especially William Penn and MCRF to stay informed as it continues development.
  • Staff reviews that Sherry prepared were given for Chad Rietveld, Desiree Rouse and a self evaluation. Discussion of all job responsibilities, expectations as well as directives for Sherry were discussed. Cost of living raises were discussed for approval in January. Sherry will further discuss final decisions with Shelly Herr, Musco HR for paperwork then pass to TD&T, MCRF’s accountant company.
  • Staff Insurance renewal for the coming year was discussed and decided allow MCRF to assume the rise in cost. The insurance plan will stay the same with the lifetime dollar amount change from 5 million to unlimited, a requirement of the health reform law, being the exception.
  • John was asked to sign a Quit Claim deed for recently acquired land and have it notarized. Sherry and John will visit notary and sing papers today.

Meeting adjourned at 10:20 a.m.