August 18, 2011 - Executive

MCRF Executive Board Present: Bill Almond, Joe Crookham, Carl Drost, Jake McGee, Bob Morris, Bob Nielsen, John Pothoven, Todd Roach, Ken Rozenboom, Heidi Scholes, Mark Stek, Jon Sullivan, & Sherry Vavra. Also present: Akhilesh Pal and Chad Rietveld

John P called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Carl made motion, Joe seconded to approve April 28th, 2011 Executive, Board minutes. Unanimous.

John gave treasurers report. Handouts given: print out of all checks written from last board meeting to date and banking summary, reporting income/expenses for current quarter. Carl made motion to accept reports as given-Jake seconded. Unanimous.

Russ Reiter not present but called in a report for schools. Sherry gave report. The high school is planning to play the Old Shoe game on Friday night at new stadium. The first season game is the following Friday, August 26th at the new stadium. Also in the report it was noted that the new computer one-to-one program will begin this year. Enrollment at the high school is higher than anticipated. The school expected 685 to enroll, purchased computers for 720 and currently have enrolled 740 high schoolers, partially due to the one-to-one program.

Scottie Moore was not present but called in a report for the city. Sherry gave report. MCRF has requested a $40,000 donation from the City and county to go toward the new stadium project. No action was taken at last Council meeting. Discussion and some questions asked, action will be taken at the next Council meeting. Scottie feels that several Council members are in favor and it will pass. It was suggested that the request may benefit from a couple of Board members placing phone calls to answer questions.

Jon S was present for the hotel/motels-tourism. He reported America’s Best Value Inn’s has completed ¾ of their renovations. Also the chamber gave out 200 packets of brochures, magazines and information for tourism to the hotels/motels this year which were pleased. Jon also reported that Comfort Inn has a new manager who is interested in joining the MCRF Board. Sherry will contact for more information.

Ken was present for the county. He reported the county had also received the request for a donation in support of the stadium. He stated that he would be in favor of a donation but was undecided about amount and asked the board if there was a requested amount. Joe explained that the CAT grant board asks for a 10% match and we are trying to get $800,000 (a scaled down amount from the original request) so we are asking $40,000 from county and $40,000 from the city. He explained that the closer we are to the full 10% the greater our chances are with the CAT board as it is a very competitive grant. Joe also stated that the $40,000 request would only be collected if the CAT grant was given and could be given over a number of years. Ken stated he was in favor but did not commit to an amount. Joe urged the county to be supportive of the amount as the CAT board will look more favorably at the application if the city and county are on board. Carl also reported that the city and county were supportive of the last CAT grant when MCRF applied for the trail and each gave $15,000. The trail received $300,000 for that grant. Ken stated that he is inclined to be supportive as long as it is a multi-year contribution. Ken asked if a request was made to the school to contribute. Joe stated that it would be better if they gave but does not seem the time for them and we believe that if the 10% is there from the county and city the CAT board will accept the grant application. This would leverage $800,000 into the community for the 10% contribution. Joe has also talked with other county and city officials who have spoken in favor of the contribution in order to leverage that amount of funding. MCRF is on the agenda fro September 6th county meeting.

Joe reported for Daily Trust. He stated that Daily has been largely inactive lately but the transfer of property to William Penn for the stadium has been complete.

Carl gave a trail update. The trail underpass is moving toward completion and going well. They will be through the tunnel tomorrow. Peterson contractors will begin restoring walls. Following that Musco/Carl will come out to pour trail connection to the underpass. Another trail project that is progressing is the rotary club’s trailhead near 92 highway. Carl thanked Akhilesh who has been working with the rotary to see this complete. Carl has also donated time and equipment to the project. Akhilesh asked about maintenance to the trail and stated Akhilesh that Sherry has been working on a list. Carl stated that other projects have trumped the trail maintenance. John suggested a joint cooperation clean up work day on the trail. Joe asked to postpone maintenance decisions until others have been able to look at the existing condition. Carl reported that the trail tram tours are being given and two additional drivers have been added this year. Trail gates installed to keep cars off the trial have been removed but the steel posts remain. Suggestion was made to remove. Board members asked Jake the police’s point of view and Jake agreed they are hazardous and should be removed. They were initially installed when the trail was new and people were still learning its purpose but are no longer needed. Joe made a motion, Bill seconded to have posts removed or cut flush with trail. Passed, unanimous. Carl will speak to Jeff Greenhaulch about project. Joe stated that at a later date camera’s could be installed if necessary.

Skate Park update given by Sherry. Concrete has been removed from parking lot. Working with Garden and Associates on elevation of storm sewer drains. City storm sewer currently plugged with dirt/mud at least 100’-150’. Bill stated the City will blow this out tomorrow. Hope to start grading the skate park next week. Footings for pre cast pieces should be poured in August. Plans to have Spohn Ranch (designers) start installing per-cast pieces early September. Shelter and Basketball court will follow skate park.

Stadium update given by Joe. First high school game scheduled for tomorrow night. Lights on tonight for the first time. Lower section of bleachers 1-2 hours from complete, will be complete by game tomorrow, backs on top row only for first game. Next Wednesday we should see the upper section complete. VIP portable bathroom, same style as used at PGA golf tournaments, (5 women, 5 men unit) in place for this season. Portable concession stands in place. The field is ready to be played on tomorrow night. Question was asked about William Penn’s fireworks planned at grand opening on the 27th. Chad requested that the fireworks be placed far from the fields, possibly E side of the Fallis house, as his experience has shown debris to be overwhelming. Joe suggested calling John Ottoson who is involved and talk about distance. He stated that we did want to add Chad’s experience into the discussion. Joe reported that a building structure with three 20 ft spaces would be installed as a temporary press box. Permanent press box next year. The stadium is brightly lit. Stadium will open tomorrow and grand opening will be held the next weekend. Joe added that there is nothing in the way of being able to fully enjoy the new stadium. Board members were invited to visit the stadium following the meeting.

Sherry reported progress of the Lacey advisory board/committees (handout given). Facility Development continues to look at development at complex. Carl noted discussion had been made about placing a sign near KBOE to direct traffic down 230th to stadium. Jake reported that we had discussed but decided not to sign at this time. Finance & Operations committee developed all policies, fees, and revised bylaws to operational procedures for the Lacey Recreation Complex. They also review Lacey budget and continue to review and update all annually. Youth Fulfillment launched a local transportation pilot for underserved youth. Participating youth & families evaluated all excellent and stated that they could not have participated in the programs without the transportation. Promotions & fundraising plan to actively participate in the Christmas parade again this year as a promotion for Lacey and will host a second annual bowling fund raiser this winter.

John noted progress reports. Brochures given. John stressed the growth chart showing numbers of players & spectators growth. Part due to development & part to new groups scheduling at the complex.

In new business, need for signs on the trail was discussed. Jake he has worked with Sherry and Akhilesh as requested and had some recommendations. Akhilesh gave handout that showed mandatory and recommended signage. Jake suggested that the signs also identify ordinance and include allowed users. Akhilesh stated that each sign would be $40 in material and $3,000 was needed just for the mandatory signs. The City is willing to cover this cost. MCRF has some signs in storage. Chad will look at those to see if any can be used by City. MCRF thanked the city for their willingness to get these and Carl stated if the city is willing then move forward. The board recommended letting the city get the mandatory signs now but look at adding warning signs later.

Other new business, a request sent by Charlie Comfort to move the 1998 Little League State Championship sign from where it is currently installed at Hewitt park to the Lacey Recreation Complex. Joe reminded the board that Hewitt park was part of the original complex. The board decided to leave the sign in place for now and refer this request to the executive committee as many requests are made for things at the complex and Little League still plays at the Hewitt park. The executive committee will come back with a recommendation at a later date.

Jake made comments to the board before adjournment thanking them for allowing the high school seniors to play their last game on the new Babe Ruth fields. He sated that the boys truly enjoyed paling there and were in awe of the underground dugouts.

Next meeting, including membership, set for 1-19-12 at 6:30 at the Lacey Recreation Complex.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.