Eddyville"A beginning of the Oregon Trail"

Eddyville is a community that straddles Wapello, Mahaska and Monroe counties. It was founded by Jabish P. Eddy, in 1841, before Iowa became a state. It was a place for trade with the Indians and for pioneers to provision and ford the Des Moines river. The first commercial coal mines in Wapello County were opened near Eddyville. Local oral history has it that a two-story house that once stood at the northwest corner of Seventh Street and Vance Street served as a stop on the Underground Railroad until the Civil War made that unnecessary. With a population of 1,024, Eddyville is proud of their good school system.


(Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Census 2010)

Population: 1,024
Total Area (in square miles): 1.18
Land Area (in square miles): 1.18
Water Area (in square miles): 0

Housing Units

Total Housing Units: 449
Occupied Housing Units: 409
Vacant Housing Units: 40
Seasonal, Recreational, or occasional use: NA

Mahaska County Labor Force (Source:Iowa Workforce Development)
May 2016 (April 2016 in parenthesis)
Not seasonally adjusted - Benchmark: 2014

Resident Civilian Labor Force 11,920 (11,950)
Resident Unemployed: 430 (440)
Percent Unemployed: 3.6 (3.7)
Resident Total Employed: 11,480 (11,500)

Mahaska County Labor Force (Source:Iowa Workforce Development)
April 2016 (March 2016 in parenthesis)
Not seasonally adjusted - Benchmark: 2014

Resident Civilian Labor Force 11,960 (11,910)
Resident Unemployed: 450 (560)
Percent Unemployed: 3.7 (4.6)
Resident Total Employed: 11,510 (11,370)
Labor Mgmt. Disputes
(# Persons)
0 (0)

(Note: Labor Force Statistics are only available county-wide through IWD)

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Government Information

Type of Government
Mayor/City Council

Contact Information
Mayor: John Simmers, 641-969-4267
City Clerk: Katie Smith
City Council Members: Jim Durst, Wendell Terrell, Dwight Lobberecht, Doug Greenlee and Dot Maudlin

Meeting Notices

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Community Information

License and Permits
Contact the city clerk for licenses and permits.

Eddyville City Library - Take a few moments and visit the new Eddyville Library site. With the help from the State Library of Iowa and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, they were able to create a place on the web where customers can explore, learn and get help with information needs.

Eddyville Historical Museum - The purpose of the Eddyville Historical Museum is to preserve and protect the history of Eddyville as well as preserve and display artifacts directly related to the town, businesses, organizations, schools, industries, commerce, and churches which have made the tow of Eddyville what it is today.