Keomah Village

Keomah Village"A Quiet Bedroom"

The City of Keomah Village was incorporated in 1973 from a Lakeside Plat consisting of 3 blocks with a total of 150 lots laid out for summer cabins. Residents wanted to live here permanently and built homes up to over $300,000 in value. The Census Bureau listed Keomah Village as the 5th thru 8th most affluent city in Iowa (1980 - 2000). The city is an all residential community with water from Mahaska Rural Water, electric and natural gas from Mid-American Energy, 21 street lights, one mile of hard surface roads, a 3 lagoon sanitary sewer system, and an all weather City Hall (but it does not have a telephone). Keomah Village is located on the Eastern Shore of Lake Keomah State Park which is in walking distance of all residents. There are two entrances into town, one from the south from Keomah Lane which winds through Lake Keomah State Park, and one entrance at the intersection of Royal Lane and 250th Street in Mahaska County.


(Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Census 2010)

Population: 84
Total Area (in square miles): 0.03
Land Area (in square miles): 0.03
Water Area (in square miles): 0

Housing Units

Total Housing Units: 48
Occupied Housing Units: 39
Vacant Housing Units: 9
Seasonal, Recreational, or occasional use: NA

Mahaska County Labor Force (Source:Iowa Workforce Development)
December 2013 (Year-to-Date figures in parenthesis)
Not seasonally adjusted - Benchmark: March 2012

Resident Civilian Labor Force 11,730 (11,410)
Resident Unemployed: 500 (550)
Percent Unemployed: 4.3 (4.8)
Resident Total Employed: 11,220 (10,860)
Total Non-Farm 8,300 (8,060)
Labor Mgmt. Disputes
(# Persons)
0 (0)

(Note: Labor Force Statistics are only available county-wide through IWD)

Location and Map

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Government Information

Type of Government

Contact Information
Mayor: Mark De Jong 
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City Clerk: Carol Schiller
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Meeting Notices
The City Council meets the second Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. Contact the City Clerk for agenda information.

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Community Information

Who to call for phone, cable, trash removal, utilities -- hookups and problems:
Mayor or City Clerk

Who to contact for licenses and permits:
The City Council handles this during regular monthly meetings.

Synopsis of pertinent city ordinances:
Snow removal - Call Troy DeMoney, 641-632-8834
Grass mowing - Residents are responsible for mowing in front of their property to the street
Leash Law - Pet owners are to keep their pets under control at all times
One other note - Keomah Village does not have commercial, industrial or agricultural property or businesses in the city.
Sanitary sewers - Residents are responsible to have their sanitary sewers comply to the National Plumbing Code specifications.

Halloween Trick or Treat Night: Always October 31 between 6 and 8 p.m.