MCRF Minutes

January 9, 2014 - Executive

MCRF Executive Board Present: William (Bill) Almond, Joe Crookham, Carl Drost, Brad Hodges, Jake McGee, Bob Morris, Bob Nielsen, John Pothoven, Russ Reiter, Todd Roach, Mark Stek and Sherry Vavra. Also present: Andrew Jensen, Kandis DeBruin and Chad Rietveld.

John P called the meeting to order at 7:20 p.m.

Bob Morris made a motion and Russ seconded to approve the September 19th, 2013 Executive Board minutes and December 11th, 2013 Executive Committee Minutes. Approved. Unanimous.

John P gave treasurer’s report. Handouts given: Annual banking summary (fiscal year income & expenditure totals by category); all checks written for fiscal year itemized by category; RAGBRAI itemized check report; and all checks written from last board meeting (September 1, 2013) to last checks written (January 1, 2014).  John P noted that MCRF spent  a little over $400 more last fiscal year than income brought in and this should not happen. Sherry will closely monitor in the future. John P asked if there were any there questions, none stated.  John added that if anyone had questions later to contact Sherry, Jon P or Joe. Carl made a motion to accept, Jake seconded. Unanimous. Treasurer’s report passed.

Brad Hodges and Bob Morris conducted 2012-2013 fiscal year’s in-house audit. Brad reported (handouts) stating current management is very conscientious about making sure things are signed and correct. Brad stated checks and balances are adequate & proper financial procedures per bylaws are being followed.

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January 9, 2014 - Membership

Present: MCRF Members: Jesse Burress, USSSA softball; Craig Coen, Trees Forever; Dawn Collins, Mahaska YMCA & MWC;  Charlie Comfort, KBOE; Ben Drost, Oskaloosa Church League; Ryan Harkema, Mahaska YMCA & Oskaloosa Youth Football; Kelly Halbert, Nelson Pioneer Farm; Andrew Jensen, Oskaloosa Chamber; Loren Lammers, Mahaska United U-12 Soccer; Leroy Nugteren, Mahaska County Conservation Board; Reggie Randau, Mahaska County Soccer Club; Dave Sedivec, Mahaska County Conservation Board; Matt Saville, Oskaloosa Babe Ruth; Matt Sherlock, Harvest Point & Edmundson Golf Courses; and Kim Sytsma, City of Leighton. MCRF Executive Board: William (Bill) Almond (re-election candidate); Joe Crookham, Carl Drost, Brad Hodges, Jake McGee (re-election candidate);  Scottie Moore, Bob Morris, Bob Nielsen, John Pothoven, Todd Roach (re-election candidate), Russ  Reiter, Heidi Scholes, Mark Stek and Sherry Vavra. MCRF staff: Chad Rietveld and Kandis DeBruin

John Pothoven called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.  Self-introductions given by board members present.

Carl Drost made a motion and Bill Almond seconded for the approval of the January 09, 2013 membership meeting minutes. No discussion. Passed, unanimous.

Treasurer’s Report: John P gave the treasurer’s report for the 2012-2013 fiscal year from Progress Report, which shows three years prior for comparison.  He noted that RAGBRAI was included as MCRF was the 501C3 for the event.

Progress Report: Sherry Vavra added for the Progress Report (attachment)  that development at the complex has brought an increase in % of participation of players and spectators at the Stadium. Question was asked by audience member how funds were raised for RAGBRAI. Sherry answered that many people in the community came together for RAGBRAI and held fundraisers from selling of t-shirts to seeking donations and sponsorships. She also noted that the impact of the event was even greater as vendors who profited at the event are not included in the MCRF financial report as they provided services and made profits for themselves.

MCRF Board Candidates & Election: John first opened the floor for additional nominations for the board, none made. Bill Almond, Jake McGee and Todd Roach ran uncontested for re-election. Bio sheets and ballots for candidates were given to all present. The three candidates introduced themselves and shared about their interests and their desire to continue  as a member of the board. A secret ballot election was held. Results: Bill Almond, Jake McGee and Todd Roach were re-elected (unanimous) to fill terms expiring December 31, 2017.

December 11, 2013 - Executive

Present: Joe Crookham, Carl Drost, Bob Nielsen, John Pothoven and Sherry Vavra, MCRF

1. Budget

a. Five year project spectrum summarized by Carl. Reviewed and approved by committee. Joe stated an additional need for tunnels is a warning light in which a button can be pushed to turn on a light that will let people know a trail tram is coming. Project Spectrum copies will be given to board members at the MCRF annual meeting January 9th.

b. Income/expense report , which includes actual and projected budgets, reviewed. Correction made to projected income. Approved after revisions. Copy will be given to board members at the MCRF annual meeting January 9th.

September 19, 2013 - Executive

MCRF Executive Board Present: Bill Almond, Brad Hodges, Scottie Moore, Bob Morris, John Pothoven, Russ Reiter, Todd Roach, Heidi Scholes, and Sherry Vavra Also present: Kandis DeBruin & Chad Rietveld

John P called the meeting to order at 6.08 p.m.

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